Viswanath R Swamy

Introduction To the Gita

Introduction To the Gita

I do not wish you to merely listen to my sharing as so many human individuals, but to listen, receive and absorb as souls upon your onward march for the attainment of your divine destiny which is nothing short of God awareness, nothing short of Self-realisation and nothing short of an inner illumination. As souls on this upward ascending path of spiritual evolution unto divine perfection, I would like you to listen, receive, absorb and assilimilate with that higher conciousness. It is from this ground that I try to do my sharing, not as a human individual talking to a group of individuals, not merely as a Swamy discoursing to some aspirants or students but as a humble channel of the eternal call of the infinite, to all the individual rays that have emanated out of that but have apparently gone out from the centre for sometime and which will one day go back. Therefore, ther is a constant call of the eternal, of the infinite, of the universal to the individual to come back home and to claim the heritage which is his birth right. Why do you wander in this wilderness of phenomenal existance? Why do u wander far away from your home which is the abode of your eternal sunshine, immeasurable peace and infinite bliss? Why do you wander, groping and stombling, weeping and wailing, thinking yourself to be the creater of birth and death, of joy and sorrow. All this is avoidable and unnecessary. You need not prolong your bondage. If you arise and awake and become aware of what you are, what you are meant to attain, then you will know that life is not meant to be some thing merely mundain, but an ascent on the scaling of a pinnecle and a flight unto the infinite. It is with this awareness that you should approach life and live it unto illumination, unto liberation, unto perfection, unto wholeness, unto the fullest measure of self realisation and awareness.

In this world where individual souls take their incarnations as part of this human family, numerous sections of this human family have made their residence in defferent parts of the world. They have evolved defferent ways of living, different ways of conducting themselves, different ways of behaving, relating with others and different ways of communicating, with their own language, customs, manners, traditions and sense of values. We are all human beings and everyone of us say 'I'. Everyone feels 'I exist', 'I am' and yet each one's concept of that 'I am ' and each one's expression of that ' I am' , is so totally different from the other that to interpret it and come to some understanding of it seems to be a never-ending task. This is so because there are many diversions and so much of variety and difference in the way each of us understands life, approaches and lives it. This is also because in the difference in their language, their culture, their sense of values, the principles by which they lie, their understanding, eating, their social customs and traditions. Some people bury their dead, some burn them. Some expose them to vultures and others keep them as they are, embalm them and entomb them. Some people rub noses when they meet.Some people shake their hands and some people fold their hands. Why are so different, we do not know!

In all these different trends of living, eating, dressing and thinking, there is one factor which is the most fascinating of all. That factor is their heritage of wisdom that they have received in the form of knowledge from their ancestors. Their forefathers evolved the knowledge of what they saw in this universe, how they understood this universe, knowledge of man, what they knew about themselves, what they thought about themselves and knowledge of the cosmic sourse out of which man and this universe have emerged. What is the beginning of this universe which we see, in which we live? What is the origin of people who live in this universe? What were their findings? What were their discoveries? What research did they conduct and at what conclusinos did they arrive? These are the fascinating lines of enquiry and search. These are the fascinating areas of human study and each race, each civilization, each culture held within itself this inner core of knowledge that had been inherited from the past, that was down from generation to generation and that was further added to be enriched, expanded and made more progressive. So it is a living stream of knowledge, wisdom, indepth understanding of man, universe, life of man in this universe and the ultimate background, the sourse from which both these come in to being. It is this heritage of wisdom that forms one of the most crucial and important factors that ultimately decided how these people lived their lives, how they conducted themselves, what goals they set for themselves and what was the quality of their life. It is this heritage of wisdom that gave them certain ideals, that put before them certain principles to live up to, or live by, keeping in their view the ultimate welfare of the people to whom this wisdom was given.

This knowledge became the governing principle, the guiding factor in each section of mankind without which life would become chaotic, lacking a sense of striving, a sense of achievement and sense of proper direction. Therein lies the importance of this particular aspect in the inheritance of mankind in the different parts of the world and among different sections of humanity. From ancient times this knowlede was thus evolved and placed before each generation for their guidance and benifit. This gradually become embodied as the main csriptures of each section of mankind, their law of human conduct which gave certain times, but the ancient law of human conduct which gave certain norms of behaviour and laid down certain rules of living. be contuined.